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We have two online facilities that are exclusively restricted to OFHS members ...

Members-Only Area (MOA)

You can access this web site at http://moa.ofhs.org.uk - just follow the instructions on that page to get access the first time you use it.

Members' Mailing List

To join this mailing list please visit the list information page at:
and put your email address, name, and membership number into the appropriate boxes.

There are some notes about using MailMan email lists and about list etiquette at:

Forms for members: standing order, surname interests, birthbriefs
To avoid the disappointment of forgetting to renew your subscription please complete and return this standing order form.
To record or update your surname interests, you can use this form to notify the membership secretary.
Finally, we have a form for members to use to submit their birthbriefs.

The Oxfordshire Family Historian

Are you thinking of contributing something to the Oxfordshire Family Historian?

No? Well why not!

Yes? Good, the editor is always on the lookout for new contributors. If you would like to discuss what you might contribute then feel free to email the Editor at editor@ofhs.org.uk

Before you get writing seriously, please have a look at our guidelines and MS Word template file.

There are no restrictions on access to the following pages although they are mostly of interest to OFHS members.

We have a web page specially for anyone interested in Transcribing Monumental Inscriptions.

Members' web sites

Not just genealogy sites, these will give to you an idea of what members get up to when not researching their family history

Open (i.e. not restricted to OFHS members) email lists for family history research in Oxfordshire.

There are two main lists of interest, see the linked information pages for details:

The Rootsweb list OXFORDSHIRE

See here for information on other Rootsweb lists.

For a general overview of email lists relevant to family historians, have a look at the GENUKI Mailing Lists page.

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